Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Global Cooling , by LibGems

The warmth of June's arrival shoulda been dwelling
but instead it seems like the freezing over of hell-ing
fuzzy lined boots 'n furs are still like hotcakes selling
Perhaps a child of mother nature may be rebelling
For the winds are howling and the goose bumps are swelling.

Friday, April 5, 2013

overwhelming tides

When it rains, it pours. But not a droplet in drought of course.
Only in fruitful season
when thirst has no reason

I stare 
into rising puddles flooding near
and wonder, Where oh where
were those showers during hunger year?I cannot bear all these waves that simultaneously crash too much water, I fear- I'd rather not drown when I splash

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I left

I know they grieve
over my "leave"
but I actually never left.
I was blown
shown out
gossipped about
for being me
for thinking free.
under a disguise
of pity.
I did not fit into the community.
they wonder if I'll return
perhaps their falsehood I'll relearn
to the restriction I'll yearn
but I can't come back
to their attack
retrace my track
when I never left.
I was tossed
with maps but lost
too much of a cost
to maintain
too difficult to wash my brain
with their logic so insane
so I was sent
to build my own tent
which was meant
to make me realize
my small brain's size
that they were right
but I saw how tight
were those minds
permanently pulled blinds.
started seeing light of day
so I preferred to stay..
they ask when I'll come visit
but I never did exit
I was expelled
screamed at, yelled
(maybe I smelled..?)
pushed away
hoping my queerness would decay
way before I vanished..
rejected neglected
they wanted to be protected
of my bad influence
our views weren't in congruence.
I was dismissed
they were pissed
clenched their fist
over my non conformist
deviance.As soon as I was grown
it was time to disown
directed to the door
treated with medicine of ignore
unconditional hate
refused to abate
that would be my fate
until I repent- if not too late.
I was gone
acknowledged by none
around them but alone
My presence a shadow
Same whether I'd come or go
they claim I'm "there"
but I'm right here
of a return ticket bereft
cuz I never left.
Once a cheater, always a cheat,
just like a hoarder will never be neat
as the procrastinator will always be later
a leopard with spots won't square its dots.
No matter what a man has in store
he will only want more
girls galore
cuz less is a bore
like yaakov had wives 4
there are always new anatomies to tour
more assets to desire
of ownership never tire
possessions to acquire ..
with a "background" of under-wire
it's not about size, figure or look
it's all about having a place where to hook
not about her spirit character or soul
all she needs is a pulse and a hole.
I try to surround myself with ppl rather sweet
I have some awesome buddies, who consider me a treat
but it's the stray jerks with brains in their feet
who inspire my sadder posts and tweets
Joeli Schwartz's try wherever u let them in
all entrances and exits round n round they spin
but amidst their triumphant playerish grin
true love they continuously fail to win
 change it to, normal girls they fail to catch
it doesn't take much a new egg to hatch
anyone can pull their layers off
it takes substance to maintain, past a bored cough.

Friday, May 18, 2012

I is waiting
but the bus dont coming
i is here for a time so long.
i is tired with bag so heavy
then I see
i is looking for one bus- the wrong

The sham beneath the glam

You think I'm pretty, but In essence I'm ugly.
Listen up fools,
without all the jewels
I'm not nearly as cool
I'm a joke- almost cruel.
Under that artificial orange tan
hides a colorless albino woman.
beyond the foundation
blooms an acne corporation
a hollow population
below the inflated cheek station.
My biological makeup
got lost under all that cakeup.
if you dig into the 7 layer cream
a finger print you'll redeem
Implants of silicone
tampering of the nasal bone
does it get any more phony
than plastic surgery?
the world is suddenly of mustard very fond
hence the raging custard blonde
if u search beyond
you'll drown in a brunette pond.
oral cavities  by white-out reached
natural pearls now soaked in bleach
the president of peroxide strips should be impeached
charming smile lines a thing of the past
botox has arrived at last.
crows feet
are no longer neat
melt them under excruciating heat
for preemie skin is the treat
blinking is now painful every time the lids mash
thanks to false disney lash
a poufy hair gel spritz
hides a lot of frizz - possibly nits
please don't pull my stiff extensions
it may cause instant baldness, I have to mention..
when u have raw beauty so pure
why mess with nature?
unnecessarily invent a cure,
as long as you're not stroking facial fur
wouldn't u prefer
health over some risky cartilage blur
of which results 1 can never be sure..

this divulgence may have  freaked you out
no doubt
but what this revelation is about
I'm here to shout
is an integrity drought.
our society is after something that doesn't exist
of what do we consist?
so when you fantasize about that next meal
stop & think how much of it is real.
that tempting piece of steak
is FAKE.

Be clever, it can make you famous or ruin you forever

facebook for many is an ego booster
It causes the self esteem to rise like the morning rooster
you get immediate applause from a crowd
without the distracting flashing lights or noise so loud
you pretend to casually humbly muse
while gloating on the attention with kicked off shoes
nobody dreams you just pulled off a ruse
but for some-
with statuses so dumb
that pop hourly like gum
or photos no more edible than a crumb
show that their brains are just the size of a baby's thumb.
So think before you post,
it's fascinating if you just had a convo with a ghost
but before you wanna boast
about your sun-tanned epidermal roast
is it worth it to spread over the global coast?
you might not wish to publicize that you always burn your toast.